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Hello World!

You know what they say… “The third time is most definitely a charm.”

The past two times I have tried publishing this blog, I was intending to just write about life in Cyprus, or just about freelancing; however, those clearly weren’t meant to be. It was meant to be about more; not only about life in Cyprus or life as a freelancer, but also about life around the world (as I’ve seen it), and life in general. . . Encompassing all the goodness, in one blog!

So, this all-encompassing blog will include topics such as:

Life in Cyprus:

As I have spent much time in the past preparing a blog specifically for this (as well as 3+ years of our lives living here), I have a grand collection of information about living in Cyprus; from saved receipts to many photos of local shops and streets. The aim of this section of the blog is to enlighten people about the leisurely lifestyle on this beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

Life as a Freelancer:

This portion of the blog will be dedicated to teaching about what life as freelancer looks like: how we made our BlueFlag Translations website work, how I manage my time between freelancing and having a life, as well as my various thoughts on freelancing.

Life around the world:

I love to travel! I hope that by sharing our experiences of traveling I will inspire others to get out there and experience the world, as well! For each place we visit, I will be sharing travel notes about the cost, accommodation, as well as general facts and thoughts about our experiences. I already have several travel posts published, such as our various notes about our Grand Eurotrip, if you are interested. Our next trip is planned for Jerusalem at the end of March, so look out for that one, as well!

Life in general:

I will also just be talking about life in general; from creating a work/family/hobby balance to living with diabetes, to travel ideas and ambitions, to even sharing my weekend kitchen experiments!


Along with this project, another project is being birthed from my passion for travel; its aim is to help people realize their dreams of travel by sharing fresh ideas of how to travel uniquely, comfortably, and inexpensively.  With that, I will also be sharing on this blog my processes of growing and building this project- it can be a great resource for anyone interesting in starting something of their own!

As well, I am a huge fan of all-in-one solutions and sharing my discoveries with others! For that, I am always looking for references to similar solutions, like apps for time-management and people with diabetes, as well as for great hotels and restaurants. Share your thoughts with me, I would love to hear them!

I am also on Instagram! There, I will be posting short stories daily, some of which will have links to full-length articles on this blog.

I hope that by sharing my experiences with you I can expose to you the world of endless possibilities and help to inspire within your world a freer lifestyle. I look forward to hearing from you!


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